One of the Perks in this Business - Steam Whistle Brewery Tour

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A major perk in this business is being introduced to guys like Greg Taylor, Greg is one of the partners over at Steam Whistle. The other week while we were downtown checking out the amazing space they have over there, which we will be using for a big event coming up in October, they were nice enough to give us a tour of the Brewery...and I don't think I was ever without a beer in my hand. It's a beautiful space, in fact it is known as one of the cleanest breweries in North America. It's well worth the visit if you are in the area, some folks were there just to hang out and to have a beer which for a working brewery surprised me but totally seemed like a great idea after I thought about it. Steam Whistle Brewing focuses on one beer and they do it well, it comes in bottle, can or draught and while you're there you can ask the bartender to pour it straight from the vats unfiltered. To my surprise they have a great art collection at the Brewery as a result of monthly art exhibits. The building also has some very interesting history, I was told that although all original it had to be dismantled at one point to build underneath it - when they put the walls back together they turned the bricks to face inside because the outside had been badly graffittied... and as you walk through you can spot the random coloured bricks that used to be facing out.